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Healthy Relationship with Fiat Currency ??

Do you hesitate executing trades when pushing the button? When open trades retrace… you react by closing the trades…
and the Markets Jolt Back Towards the Direction your Trade Originally Had?

Have you passed the opportunity of gainful trades due to Greed, Fear, or Revenge controlling your decision?

There is always Risk of Ruin with every trade. All humans have some type of risk daily. Those Detached from Money understand Proper Risk Management. Those understand the Laws of Prosperity and how money is a means for bartering of goods and services.

When trading, being Detached from Money is required. You would not hestitate if every trade had gains. Being Detached from Money will help with Understanding and Accepting trades with loss.


 Do you Hesitate with Trade Execution when pushing the button?

Do you Follow your Trading Plan Exactly for every trade?

Do you procrastinate executing your trading plan… and Unable to Stop Starring at the Charts after you finally pushed the button?

Take a deep breath and know a tune-up is within reach, if you make the choice. 

To what extent do you grade yourself on each of the following?

If you do this often and is a Major Issue - 5 points
If you Strongly Agree - 4 points
If you Agree - 3 points
If you Disagree - 2 points
If you Strongly Disagree and rarely do this - 1 point

Before you take this assessment,
find a quiet place by yourself and put on some soothing music or meditate and clear your mind of clutter.
This will allow to focus on your answers.

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Now, add the points for all 10 questions and...

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Our Goal at CorkPoint - Division of THOGER, LLC (Limited Liability Company) is to assist all parties in accomplishing their financial goals and allow them to obtain a satisfactory conclusion within their diversified portfolio. All of our efforts are geared to meet this end. We will constantly strive to be a professional. Knowledge will be our partner in achieving the success that comes with being the best. We will always be better prepared than our competitors and are committed to providing superior service to our members. We will take the time to listen to our members and their needs and assist them to produce a plan of action that will be implemented quickly with their personal goals.

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We consider those who work for or associate with CorkPoint as members of our Concierge Team. We recognize that each member has a unique contribution to our Concierge Team effort.

We welcome innovation and adapt to change

We constantly evaluate what we're doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed. Nothing in the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Currency Market remains the same and neither can we.

We search for, live by, and teach correct principles

Our services are based on correct principles that, when applied, produce positive results. We continuously search to learn more and adjust to what we learn.

We make a positive difference in people's lives

Our recommendations go beyond being gainful and informative. They empower individuals and organizations to make meaningful changes and advances in their goals. These are the top priorities for the CorkPoint Concierge Team.

Meeting them is Our Goal.


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