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Zero MNBV (Monthly New Balance Value) = 00% MPF (Monthly Performance Fee). CorkPoint is not compensated for any Management Fee.

A 20% MPF of MNBV is paid to THOGER, LLC (Limited Liability Company), the parent company of CorkPoint. Here is the MNBV definition: Payment of 20% MPF from Members PABV (Previous Account Balance Value), and not from Members PAEV (Previous Account Equity Value).

For example, if Members PABV, changes from $30,000 to $32,000, your 20% MPF is $400 on your MNBV. If Members PABV changes from $32,000 to $30,000, and then to $32,000, zero MNBV = 00% MPF.

There is no 20% MPF when MNBV is not changed from Members PABV. CorkPoint is compensated only if MNBV is changed from Members PABV.


[1] CorkPoint™ does not have access to your account funds.

[2] “Know the Rules” when considering trading Risk Only Capital, but not limited to having a Rational Understanding and Relevant Education or Professional Qualifications

[3] Leverage trading in financial markets involve substantial risk. Personal affairs need to be carefully considered when using Risk Only Capital. Before making a decision to participate in the FOREX market, it is important that you are aware of certain facts.


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