Risk Disclosure

You should be cognizant of the risks involved in foreign exchange currency trading prior to investing in the market. You should carefully consider whether foreign exchange currency trading is appropriate for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial resources and other circumstances.

Foreign exchange currency trading is recommended primarily for experienced professional traders with extensive experience in and knowledge of the market and it’s inherent risks.

The professionally managed foreign exchange currency accounts described herein have been designed specifically to enable private individuals and corporations without the required knowledge and experience in this specialized market to be able to participate in and benefit from the market whereas they may otherwise not be willing or able to do so.

We do not recommend inexperienced persons attempting to trade in the FOREX market for their own account with one of the many online companies offering these ‘self-trade’ accounts today. Foreign exchange currency trading without the necessary knowledge and experience of the market can be very risky.

It is also risky for professional traders although professional traders have the knowledge and experience to mitigate inherent risks in the market although not entirely.

The high degree of volatility within the market, particularly within the intraday market, and the tendency for amateur traders to become ‘greedy’ and leverage their positions means that losses can be quick and significant. It is possible to lose your total investment.

We repeat: We do not recommend inexperienced persons attempting to trade in the FOREX market for their own account.

While the professionally managed foreign exchange currency managed accounts described herein have experienced significant success over the past five years, there can never be any assurance that such gains will continue in the future and there are always inherent risks in the market. FOREX trading is inherently speculative. Foreign currency prices are highly volatile. Price movements of foreign currency contracts are influenced by, among other things, interest rates, changes in balance of payments and trade, rates of inflation in the countries of the respective currencies being traded, international trade restrictions and currency devaluations and revaluations. For example, there could be serious market disruptions if economic or political events were to affect the local market in the jurisdictions where FOREX trading is particularly dominant, such as in the major financial centers of the world. It is simply impossible to foresee all of the potential risks in advance.

You should be wary of any company not disclosing the risks in foreign exchange currency trading and/or promising unrealistically high returns with low risk. The CFTC (The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and the NFA (The United States National Futures Association) has issued an advisory to investors on foreign currency trading fraud.


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